MountainGirls – Glyder

In celebration of adventure, MountainGirls and Glyder have teamed up to bring you an exclusive graphic tank as an ode to our nature driven soul as well as a friendly hello to our Mother Earth. With a "Namaste Outside" graphic on the front you can breathe easy in this power tank, including a front foil detail, crew neck and muscle-tank fit. Made from Glyder's advanced VIRTUSOF™ fabric, this tank not only feels incredibly soft but has all the technical features to keep up with you in the studio to the street to the highest peak. Learn more about the fabric here.

MountainGirls FOUNDER

Meg Kee

Yogi, rock climber, snowboarder, mom, and founder of Mountain Girls, an outdoor collective that focuses on breaking down barriers of women in outdoor activities. 

"Living limitless is to live a life you envision without being held back. Sometimes my insecurities get in my way, other times, society’s standards and what others think will slow me down or hold me back from pursuing my dreams. To live limitless is to not allow that little voice in your head to tell you any different — do what you feel in your heart. Life can be risky, it has a lot of ups and downs. When you do what you dream, you take a chance, push the limits, and break barriers you once thought were holding you back. My advice is to take that risk, each choice is a step in a new direction. Each moment presents an opportunity or a possibility for something new, and perhaps something even bigger than you dreamed. The world needs YOU in all your uniqueness. If it has never been done before, people tell you it is impossible — go for it! You are the one who is going to change the world. This is your world, don’t hold back. We need you just the way you dream to be."

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On the move

Venture into Meg's blog where she writes about life in the mountains, raising her son in the wilderness, travel, @mountaingirls gatherings and more.

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September 29th over 140 people joined in to meet up and
have a good time at Point Dume in Malibu California.